Have you had a day no matter what you do your hair is not curling?

Whether it is your hair or even extensions here are some tips to make sure your always looking Royal..

Too many styling products may cause buildup. It is important not to use too many products in your hair.

When using heating tools on the hair, it is best to use a heat protectant. Make sure your blow dryer or heating tools are not set too high Brookes Empire hair is real it will burn or dry out!  

Reduce the amount of stress on hair and weft at night by making a couple of loose braids and sleeping with satin bonnets or satin/silk wrap scarfs. 

NEVER GO TO BED WITH WET HAIR! This can cause the hair to have matting, tangles, and possible molding  that can lead to bad scent (your hair is like a fabric trapped moisture it can lead to molding of your hair no matter texture or hair type.) Make sure your hair and any extensions or wigs are fully dry.

 Treat the hair as if it were you own hair and have fun Enhancing Your World! 

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